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    Music for choir to sing to!

    Even though we aren't able to have choir at the moment, Ms Rowe wanted the choir to have a page of songs that they could play and sing along to!


    This week, here's the link to Bruno Mars, Talking to the moon

    For those of you looking for some heavy metal thunder, try the rock classic 'Born to be wild'!

    1. Stereo hearts (backing track)
    2. Stereo hearts (performance track)
    3. Stereo Hearts
    4. Someone You Loved - Lyrics
    5. Someone you loved (backing track)
    6. Someone you loved (performance track)
    7. Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved (Karaoke Version)
    8. Talking to the Moon backing track
    9. Talking to the moon
    10. Alicia Keys - Underdog (Karaoke)
    11. Alicia Keys - Underdog (Lyrics)
    12. Underdog
    13. Born to be wild (backing track)
    14. Born to be wild (performance track)
    15. Born to be Wild