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eSafety Week, June 2018

Well, what a great turn-out we had from parents this week!  Thank you to everyone's Mums and Dads who came into school to take part in their children's lessons, we all appreciated your support and hope that we've opened the doors to some good eSafety conversations at home too! 

I am adding some showing what we did, including messages from some of the classes, and links to important sites that could be of help to you at home, following discussions this week.

Mrs Thurgood


There is alot in the press at the moment about the game Fortnite (a Pegi rating of age 12+), which is fast becoming the most popular game online.   We strongly advise our pupils not to play such games, which are designed for older children and adults, and we have discussed this week the dangers of playing online and having live audio streaming whilst playing, as children are exposed to adult language and situations that they are not mature enough to manage.  In order to ensure that our parents have all of the information about this game in particular, we are including a link to a parents' guide to Fortnite - including a YouTube video describing what the game entails, what the risks are and what to do to limit the dangers. Parents' Guide to Fortnite.

Together we can help keep our children safe.