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Primary School

Episkopi Primary School British Forces Episkopi BFPO 53 Tel: (00357) 25963425 Fax: (00357) 25963825
    • Children at the heart of all we do

    Episkopi Primary School Foundation Setting

    Welcome to FS1 2020!


    Episkopi Primary School Foundation Setting is located only a few minutes from the main school building, the Nursery's classes - Butterflies, Caterpillars, Bunnies, Wise Owls and Busy Bees - are open from 0820 - 1120hrs every week day, for all pupils of eligible age.  New pupils begin at nursery in the term after their 3rd birthday.  For more information, call our school office.

    Hours for FS2 classes are 0810 - 1320hrs, though for the first two weeks, from 2-11 September, they will be 0810 - 1210hrs.

    Have a look through the latest edition of our Nursery Booklet!

    1. EPS FS2 Prospectus 2019-20
    2. EPS FS1 Prospectus 2019-20